Schedule of Fees

Effective February 15, 2019

Credit Union Fees
Account History Printout $2/ page
Account Reconciliation $20/ hour
ATM/Debit Card Replacement within 6 months of issue $5/ card
ATM Transactions done at Non-Network $2
Cashier's Check $31
Check Cashing $52
Check/Item Copy $5
Coin Counting 3%
Dormant Fee $20/year3 
Garnishment $10
IRA Account Maintenance Fee $25/year
Money Market Balance Below $1,000 $5/month
Money Order $2
Overdraft Protection Item Paid $40/item
Overdraft Protection Transfer $1/item
Paper Statement Fee $5/statement5
Returned Item $35
Stamps (Book of 10) $6
Statement Copy $10
Stop Pay $35
Telephone Transfer $1
VISA Card (Travel/Gift Card) $5
Wires $25
Business Accounts:  
Maintenance fee if balance falls below $1,000 $5/month
Debit Items Fee per month (100 Free) $0.10/item
Credit Items Fee per month (100 Free) $0.10/item
Loan Fees:  
Application Fee (Excluding Certificate and Share Secured) not to exceed $25
Application Fee (Certificate and Share Secured) not to exceed $15
GAP $400
Title Work Fee $11.50
UCC1 $30
1 Cashier's Check Fee waived for: Checks payable to member on the account which funds on are drawn from or checks for loan proceeds or memorial contributions.  
2 Check Cashing Fee waived for: Members with active checking accounts or over $100 in share account.  
3Dormant fee waived for: Minimum of 1 transaction per calendar year  
4Loan fee waived for Share/Certificate secured loans  
5Paper statement fee waived for: Members is Youth or Plus account tiers  
Share account tiers:  
Member Age 0-18 Youth
Member Age: 19-54 Regular
Member Age: 55 & up Plus